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Facing the country, radiating Asia-Pacific, creating an industry event

Welcome to Beijing International Pump and Valve Exhibition: Organizing Committee Wang Chao 18201538890 

   exhibition with the strong support of relevant ministries and relevant provincial and municipal trade associations, adhering to professionalism, authority, international and high quality characteristics! Fully absorb the successful experience of the last session, in "Belt and Road" , "Made in China 2025" and other national strategies, for the Fluid Machinery Manufacturing Industry to bring unprecedented development business opportunities! In order to realize the grand blueprint of building a beautiful China, we will fully display high-tech equipment in the global fluid field, and build a more complete display and trading platform for the entire industrial chain, on October 30,2020, we will hold "China (Beijing) international pump valve pipeline and Fluid Technology Exhibition" . 

    It is proposed to invite domestic and foreign production, scientific research, design and equipment related units and experts in the field of pump valve fluid to the site to observe and exchange experience, docking results, negotiate business, display achievements, and at the same time, in view of the current pump valve industry in the development of hot and difficult issues in-depth discussion, and strive to create an international scale, advanced pump valve exhibition. Welcome the broad masses of manufacturers to participate enthusiastically!


During the same period, more than 20 summit forums, seminars and enterprise salon activities (to be worked out) : 

   China Manufacturing and Fluid Technology Summit Forum

   Seminar on Application of pump valve fluid technology

   outlook of pump valve industry development and market prospect exchange meeting

   fluid industry dealers'conference

   pump valve system energy saving technology exchange meeting

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